The Application of Fast Moisture Tester
Aug 09, 2021
In the process of drug testing, the dry weighing method is generally used for the moisture content detection of drugs that do not contain or contain a small amount of volatile ingredients. This traditional measurement method is simple and easy to operate, but it can no longer meet the needs of today's production due to the long measurement time and low accuracy. The fast moisture tester is used to check the moisture in powder or fine granular substances. It is trying to use a quick measurement method to accurately measure the moisture content in the substance within a few minutes, which will greatly improve the detection efficiency and save production costs.

Moisture is very important to medicinal materials, and maintaining proper moisture can guarantee the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicinal materials and is good for its storage. Moisture is also of great significance to ensure the quality of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, especially to control the moisture content of the bagged traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces purchased. Reasonable moisture can prevent insects and mildew, and avoid the decomposition,enzymolysis and deterioration of effective ingredients during storage. Too much moisture will affect the stability of the medicine and may shorten its shelf life.

The moisture tester continuously measures and instantly displays the lost moisture content of the sample. After the drying process is completed, the final measured moisture content value is locked and displayed. The fast moisture tester is suitable for testing the moisture in traditional Chinese medicine honey pills, solid preparations, decoction pieces, pharmaceutical raw materials, syrups, health care products, Chinese medicinal materials, donkey-hide gelatin products, protein powder, Ganoderma lucidum, Chinese medicine preparations, capsule granules, Chinese herbal medicines, western medicine and other products.

The medical moisture analyzer belongs to the field of drying moisture testing equipment, composed of a testing part and an operation panel for controlling the testing parameters. The testing part includes a casing, and the casing is equipped with a testing space inside. The testing space is provided with a testing tray for placing samples to be tested, and the testing tray is equipped with a halogen lamp for heating test samples. An insulation layer is set on the surface of the casing that faces to the testing space.

Compared with the international oven heating method, the medical moisture tester can reach the maximum heating power in the shortest time by halogen heating, and the sample is quickly dried at high temperatures. The test results of medical moisture tester have good consistency with the international standard oven method, and are replaceable. Also the testing efficiency is much higher than that of the oven method, and it only takes a few minutes to measure the general samples.

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