Precautions for Using Tablet Hardness Tester
Sep 09, 2021
The tablet hardness tester is a testing instrument used to measure the hardness of solid tablets. The measurement data provides a reliable basis for the control of the hardness and coating of the drug tablet, packaging and transportation, and also a strong basis for the disintegration, release (dissolution) and other related experiments of the tablet. There are many types of tablet hardness testers, and the application range of different series of tablet hardness testers will be slightly different.

Precautions for using tablet hardness tester
1. The instrument should be placed on a horizontal workbench, and check whether the working environment and power supply voltage meet the technical parameter requirements.
2. After the instrument is turned on, it needs to be warmed up for 10 minutes, and then starts to perform testing work.
3. Check whether the grounding of the power supply ground wire is reliable.
4. When the instrument is working, no foreign objects other than tablets should be placed between the active and passive indenters to prevent damage to the motor.
5. The instrument needs to be sent for inspection and appraisal on a regular basis every year.
6. Make sure to do daily cleaning and maintenance of the instrument regularly.

Too coarse medicine powder is a direct factor affecting tablet hardness. The traditional Chinese medicine powder is too coarse, and the distance between the particles is large during tableting, which reduces the cohesion of the particles, so the power is not easy to be shaped, and this reduces the hardness of the traditional Chinese medicine tablet. Therefore, the fineness of traditional Chinese medicine powder used in the production of Chinese medicine tablets must be above 100 mesh.

The tablet hardness tester, as a kind of drug testing instrument for measuring tablet hardness and diameter, is widely used in pharmaceutical factories, drug testing institutes and related scientific research units. The hardness of tablets is related to the friability. Whether the tablet hardness is qualified or not, it can be judged according to whether the friability is qualified. The friability should be checked in accordance with the tablet friability inspection method, and a friability meter should be required. Tablet hardness is closely related to the disintegration and dissolution of tablets.

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