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How to Use the Clarity Tester
May 11, 2021
The clarity tester is an instrument developed according to the standards promulgated by the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China, WSI-235 and WSI-236-87, namely the inspection rules and regulations of the inspection device in the clarity inspection rules and judgment standards for injections. It is suitable for the clarity detection of various injections, large infusions and bottled liquid medicines. This instrument is a necessary inspection equipment for pharmaceutical companies to apply for GMP certification. The clarity tester consists of four parts: power supply, light source, illuminance detection, and timing circuit.

How to use the clarity tester:
1. First check the working condition of the instrument when it was used last time and confirm that everything is normal before using it.
2. Turn on the power switch on the right side of the clarity tester, and check whether the light-emitting condition of the lamp is normal and wait a few minutes, and then proceed to the next step after the light intensity of the light-emitting lamp stabilizes.
3. When operating in the dark room (turn off the light), turn on the power supply of light-metering box and light meter, make the light meter face the light source, move the light meter in different parallel positions along the edge of the umbrella canopy, observe the reading on the light intensity indicator screen, and Make the readings of each position within the specified range suitable for the light intensity of the object to be tested, then turn off the power of the light meter and close the upper cover of the light-metering box.
4. Take the test object for testing according to the specified requirements, and let it stand for a certain period of time within distance of distinct vision (it refers to the distance between the test product and the human eye, usually 25cm), and hold the neck of the bottle of the test substance and gently turn the liquid medicine over respectively against the black and white backgrounds, and then inspect it with eyes (be careful not to make the liquid bubble) (the ampoule should make the liquid medicine gently overturned, and the injection of 50ml or more should be rotated in three steps: vertical, horizontal, and inverted).
5. After the inspection is completed, turn off the power of the instrument and do a good cleaning of the instrument.

Before using the clarity tester, be sure to check whether the ground wire of the power plug is reliably grounded. If there is liquid medicine left in the crystal inspection box, it should be removed in time to prevent it from flowing into the electrical box and causing accidents. After turning on the power switch, if the lamp does not light up, please check the fuse and power supply first.

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