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How to Operate the Disintegration Tester
Sep 25, 2023

The disintegration tester (three cups) is a pharmaceutical instrument for testing the disintegration time limit of tablets, capsules, and pills according to the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia". It can measure the time required for oral solid dosage forms to disintegrate and pass through a sieve, also known as disintegration time.

lab disintegration tester

How to operate pharmaceutical disintegration tester:

I. Preparation:

1. Fill the water bath with salt-free water up to the mark.

2. Put the 1000ml beaker containing the required solution into the water bath.

3. Hang the basket on the metal bracket and adjust the water level so that the screen is 25mm below the water surface when the basket rises and 25mm from the bottom when it falls. Then remove the basket for later use.

disintegration tester price

II. Start testing:

1. Plug in the power, then press the power switch to turn on the power. At this time, the power indicator light should be on, the time display window should show "0:00", the temperature display window should show the actual temperature of the water bath, and the submersible pump is running.

2. Press the heating button to start the heater. At this time, the heating indicator light should light up and the displayed temperature value begins to rise.

3. Press the temperature setting key to view or set the constant temperature value. Note: The set temperature should be higher than the ambient temperature; when the temperature reaches the set temperature, the heating indicator light will go out.

4. Press the time setting button to set the required time.

5. When the temperature reaches the preset temperature, take six tablets and put them in the six glass tubes of the basket. If a baffle is required according to the pharmacopoeia, add a baffle. Hang the basket on the metal bracket, turn on the switch and the tablet disintegration tester starts working.

6. The time when the tablet is completely disintegrated is the disintegration time limit of the tablet.

3 basket disintegration tester

III. End of use:

1. After the disintegration time limit measurement is completed, turn off the motor switch and remove the basket, rinse it repeatedly with clean water in the pool until there is no medicine residue, then rinse it with salt-free water for 2 to 3 times, and then put it next to the disintegration apparatus.

2. Take out the beaker, pour the used solution into the pool, wash the beaker and put it next to the disintegration apparatus.

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