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Difference of magnetic stirrer and electric stirrer
Nov 25, 2023

Laboratory stirrers can be used in lab scientific research to provide strong power for stirring materials, promote rapid dispersion and mixing of materials, and achieve flexible operation. Generally, there are two main types of stirrers: magnetic stirrers and electric stirrers.

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The difference between magnetic stirrer and electric stirrer:

1. Magnetic stirrer

It is a laboratory instrument used for liquid mixing. It is mainly used for heating or heating and stirring at the same time. It is suitable for liquids or solid-liquid mixtures that are not very viscous.

It uses the principles of magnetic field and vortex. After putting the liquid into the container, put the stirrer into the liquid at the same time. When the base generates a magnetic field, it drives the stirrer to move in a circular motion, thereby achieving the purpose of stirring the liquid. Cooperating with the heating temperature control system, the sample temperature can be heated and controlled according to specific experimental requirements, maintaining the temperature conditions required for the experimental conditions, and ensuring that the liquid mixing meets the experimental requirements.

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2. Electric stirrer

It is suitable for experimental fields such as colleges and universities, scientific research, environmental protection, chemical industry, biology, pharmaceuticals and so on, with wide voltage design and wide application range.

It uses the electromagnetic force induced in the liquid phase cavity of the cast slab to strengthen the movement of molten steel. A motor is connected to the stirring rod to perform stirring work in the container. The electromagnetic stirrer uses the motor to drive the magnet inside, and then the magnet drives the magnetic stirring bar in the container to perform the stirring action.

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