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How to clean the disintegration tester water bath
Jan 29, 2023

Disintegration tester is a commonly used instrument for laboratory quality testing. It is a pharmaceutical testing instrument developed for the disintegration time limit test of solid preparation tablets, sugar-coated tablets, film-coated tablets, enteric-coated tablets, extract tablets and capsules, which is widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

lab disintegration tester

Disintegration time limit tester is composed of chassis, control system, transmission system, constant temperature water bath system, and hanging basket components, among which the water bath system is an important link for microbial contamination. As the most basic environment of most laboratories, water plays a very important role in pharmaceutical testing. Water quality often determines the authenticity and repeatability of many test results. However, there is a certain degree of microbial pollution in most water, such as sediment pollution, colloidal pollution, microbial pollution, etc. The microbial pollution may rapidly multiply into large microbial films or colonies, which adhere to the water bath and pipelines, causing serious pollution to the water body, pipelines and water bath of the entire water system, and are difficult to clean thoroughly. If the water bath is not cleaned and sterilized, microorganisms will continue to pollute the water flowing through water bath and pipelines, which brings certain risks to pharmaceutical inspection.

medical disintegration tester

The purpose of cleaning and sterilization is to remove as much as possible the dirt in the pipelines and on the inner wall of water bath in the use of pharmaceutical disintegration tester, to prevent cross-contamination of microorganisms and eliminate the threat of spoilage microorganisms. Therefore, besides correct operating procedures, the water bath and pipelines must be cleaned correctly and in a timely manner, and regularly disinfected and sterilized to ensure pharmaceutical testing in a sterile state. It is necessary to add a fungicide to the water bath to prevent the growth of microorganisms and algae, and ensure long-term clean water quality.

disintegration tester apparatus

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