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How to use dissolution tester correctly
Feb 25, 2023

The pharmaceutical dissolution tester is a medicine testing instrument used to test the elution degree of solid preparations, such as tablets, capsules, etc., which can simulate the process of human gastrointestinal digestion, and cooperate with an ultraviolet spectrophotometer to test the elution degree of pharmaceutical preparations. This is an in vitro detection method for controlling the quality of pharmaceutical preparations and is widely used in the research, production and testing of pharmaceuticals.

dissolution tester tablet

Precautions for the use of dissolution tester:

1. The power supply needs a grounding wire and ensure good grounding.

2. When there is no water in the water bath, please do not start the temperature adjustment state, otherwise the heater will be damaged.

3. Please ensure that the water level in the water bath is above the liquid level in the dissolution vessel.

4. After the temperature adjustment state is started, if the water in the water bath does not circulate, please immediately check whether the pipeline is blocked, whether there is air in the water pump, etc., and perform fault diagnosis to confirm that the water circulation is normal.

5. When washing water with a water bath, pull out the outlet pipe plug on the lower left side, and insert the attached drain pipe plug into the joint socket to drain water. After cleaning, reinstall the original water pipe.

6. Do not use organic solvents to clean the shell of the dissolution tester.

dissolution tester rc

The tablet dissolution tester is an effective alternative method to study and evaluate the bioavailability of pharmaceuticals in vivo in vitro, and it is also an important means to ensure and measure whether the production process and quality of solid oral preparations are reasonable and stable. It improves the scientificity of pharmaceutical quality control methods and ensures the clinical efficacy of medicine.

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