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Maintenance of pharmaceutical dissolution tester
Jan 23, 2024

The dissolution tester is a pharmaceutical testing instrument specially used to detect the dissolution of solid preparations (such as tablets, capsules, etc.). The maintenance and upkeep of dissolution testers is very important. If don't pay attention to it, it may cause the dissolution tester to malfunction over time.

dissolution apparatus tester

Maintenance and upkeep of pharmaceutical dissolution tester:

1. After each dissolution experiment, wipe the dissolution medium spilled on the system with a damp cloth.

2. Check the two water bath circulators every week to see if the air filter is blocked and whether the flow shape of the bubbles is normal. Replace the water in the water bath at least once a month and replace the air filter of the water bath circulator every six months.

3. Check the temperature accuracy every six months. If the temperature difference between the displayed temperature of the temperature probe and a calibrated glass thermometer exceeds 0.1°C, the temperature of the temperature probe and the water bath must be calibrated in sequence.

4. Check the drive head and guide rod every six months. If the up and down movement of the guide rod is not smooth enough, apply an appropriate amount of lubricating oil on the guide rod.

5. Check whether the bearing rotation is flexible every six months. If there is any problem, contact a maintenance engineer.

6. Check once a year whether the idler wheel rotates flexibly, check the wear of the transmission belt, and the tightness and vibration of the transmission belt during movement. If the transmission belt is found to be excessively worn, replace it with a new one.

7. Verticality correction of dissolution tester blades

Use a calibrated set square to measure the verticality of each paddle weekly. Each paddle should be 90 degrees to the bottom platform of the dissolution tester.

8 cups dissolution tester

Medical dissolution apparatus is an effective alternative method for in vitro research and evaluation of medicine bioavailability in vivo. It is also an important means to ensure and measure whether the production process and quality of solid oral preparations are reasonable and stable.

medicine dissolution tester

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