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How to handle tablet hardness tester failure
Feb 28, 2024

Tablet hardness tester is a special pharmaceutical quality testing equipment, mainly used to test the hardness of tablets. Its purpose is to determine the tablet's mechanical stability and resistance to disintegration by measuring its compressive strength by applying pressure to the tablet. It is widely used in tablet production and quality control in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other fields.

pharm tablet hardness tester

In use of pharmaceutical tablet hardness tester, there may be some malfunctions. For example, inaccurate readings, fragile samples, or damages of mechanical parts. These failures may affect the accuracy and stability of the measurement results. In order to solve these problems, the following common troubleshooting methods can be used:

1. Check whether the instrument is in normal working condition. Check all sensors, circuit boards and cables for smooth flow. If any parts are damaged or loose, repair or replaced them in time.

2. If the sample is fragile, the test parameters can be adjusted, such as increasing the pre-pressure and test speed, or changing the sample size and shape.

3. For inaccurate readings, calibration operations can be performed. Just do based on the instructions.

pills hardness tester

Although you may encounter some malfunctions during the use of digital tablet hardness tester, as long as you take the correct handling methods in time, it can ensure that the instrument is always in good working condition and improve the accuracy and stability of the test data.

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