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Main features of jelly strength testing system
Apr 26, 2024

Jelly strength tester is a measuring instrument used to test the gel strength of gelatin. The jelly strength testing system is mainly used to measure the gel strength of gelatin under specified environments. The gel strength of gelatin is an important indicator that reflects the level of gelatin production technology and controls the quality of gelatin production.

pharmaceutical gel strength tester

Main features of gelatin gel strength test system:

1. The gel strength tester works according to the Bloom method, with digital display of Bloom grams.

2. The high-precision pressure sensor measures the gel strength value, automatically corrects the non-linear error, and has high measurement accuracy.

3. Any sampling depth, five sampling speeds, three sampling modes, and two sampling results can be preset.

4. The precision mechanical transmission system is equipped with a shock-absorbing device, with stable operation and stable indication value.

5. The constant temperature water tank and the refrigeration machine form a precision constant temperature cold water bath system.

6. It adopts a magnetic water pump circulating water flow uniform heating system to ensure uniform water bath temperature.

7. High-precision temperature sensor with small linear error and high temperature measurement accuracy.

8. Fully automatic frequency conversion control technology, intelligent temperature control, and high temperature control accuracy.

freezing force tester

9. The refrigeration machine of gel strength tester adopts a reliable high-power new type compressor for refrigeration, with fast refrigeration speed and low noise.

10. The temperature can be preset at will, with time-sharing display of preset values and real-time values.

11. Automation, automatic detection, automatic diagnosis, automatic alarm.

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