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Disintegration tester temperature control
Mar 26, 2024

The disintegration test is to measure the time required for a set of formulations to disintegrate into granules under standard conditions. Disintegration tester provides a reliable, regulatory-compliant method for testing disintegration. The disintegration tester is a pharmaceutical testing instrument for testing the disintegration time of tablets, capsules, and pills based on the Pharmacopoeia.

medical disintegration tester

After the disintegration apparatus is turned on, the system is in the initial state, the automatic temperature control system automatically presets the temperature, and the temperature value displayed in the temperature digital tube display window is the actual temperature of the liquid in the water bath. Press the temperature control button once, the temperature control indicator will light up, the automatic temperature control system inside the instrument will turn on, and the instrument will begin to heat and automatically control the temperature. After about 30 minutes, the temperature will reach stability.

lab disintegration tester

When the temperature reaches the preset temperature, take 6 samples and place them in the six glass tubes of the hanging baskets. If baffles are required according to the pharmacopoeia, add baffles and hang the baskets on the metal bracket. Press the start button, and the hanging basket part moves back and forth to start the test. After reaching the preset timing time, the hanging basket part stops moving. The time when the tablet is completely disintegrated is its disintegration time limit.

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