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How to improve service life of melting point tester
Mar 27, 2023

Melting point is an important method to identify substances and determine the purity of substances. Therefore, melting point tester occupies an important position in the chemical industry and pharmaceutical research. It is an essential instrument for the production of medicine, spices, dyes and other organic crystal substances, and is also one of the basic instruments commonly used in laboratories.

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How to improve the service life of pharmaceutical melting point tester:

1. The sample must be dried according to the requirements, crushed in a dry and clean roller, and the capillary is struck with a free fall to make the sample filled firmly. The filling height should be consistent, and the specific requirements should meet the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia.

2. When inserting and removing the capillary, be careful so as to avoid breakage.

3. The linear heating rate is different, and the results of the greenhouse are also inconsistent, and certain specifications are required.

4. The sample to be tested is filled with five capillaries at a time, and the average value of the middle three readings is taken as the measurement result after the respective measurements, so as to eliminate the accidental errors caused by the capillary and sample preparation and filling.

5. Before inserting the capillary into the instrument, use a soft cloth to remove the contaminated material on the outside to avoid the oil bath from being dirty.

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The main method of testing the melting point is to use a melting point apparatus. Because of its simple operation and clear results, especially the automatic melting point tester that does not require laboratory personnel to monitor at any time, it is very popular among users.

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